23.Advance of the advance

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In February maxisingle will be published as an advance of the LP coming out this 2011.
The maxi brings 2 new songs, “Que nos leve pra diante” and “O cobrador do frac”,
also includes two remixes, an instrumental and a battle track.
The first was remixed by Kaze and the second by Mou.
We will present you the tracks in the next month.
On the side of the web can see the list of concerts where will be presented
the new joints. And every week we will be posting the start times of the concerts.
Snacks, a simulation of what would play at home “O Cobrador do Frac”
song that only you can enjoy the vinyl, as it will not be included in the
mp3 version of the maxi. A mime for vinyl lovers, a little secret
for your needle.