21.H.O.T. (Harry o Tolo)


Today we come with a surprise, as you say in english, a “lost and found”
From the secret files of the Master do Son,
his remix of “Harry o Tolo”, song from “Os estranos…”
As always, Malandromeda being late,
the Opachavales records of the contest, were sent last week monday
to places full of smart people as Santiago, Nigran, Vigo and Barcelona.
Thanks to all the people who participated, so many people knew the answer
but only had 5 records…so, don’t send more answers.
Still can get one for free, buying this month in the TeMazo shop.

Also we can advertise that an album of Malandrómeda is coming next year,
the maxi with 2 new songs, in February.